About Us

If you’re an Instagram aficionado or have your eye on street style then chances are you’ve come across Joshua Sanders’s stylish trainers.

The ascent of the label is due to Vittorio Cordella, 32, CEO and Creative Director of the brand, the mastermind behind JOSHUA*S cult sneakers success.


Being part of innovative projects, have a prominent role in discovering upcoming trends and creating unique products that immediately gain relevant position as stylestatements, has always been part of Vittorio DNA.


Joshua Sanders has renewed a reputation for creating collection where the “street-couture” core concept is continuously innovated and presented in renovated guises, bringing to life footwear collections and accessories of the highest quality available in the contemporary luxury goods
industry. At JOSHUA*S, both avant-garde and premium quality are prized. Technologically advanced fabric development and strong shapes are of prime importance.
What marks out the identity of the brand is the brave experimentation and the global research combined with the sourcing of premium quality materials and handcraftsmanship.

JOSHUA*S aesthetic is instantly recognizable.

Through combining urban street culture with traditional Italian craftsmanship,
we have garnered a cult following. Our signature skater flats, lace-up and slides
finished with iridescent trims, bold graphics and chunky rubber soles make a modern style statement. Aim to be the market trendsetters, moving
fashion forward, is central to our vision. That is equal only to the mission of providing exceptional styles delivering the must-haves
each season is looking for.
Headquartered in Milan, Joshua Sanders has a global reach across all markets. Loyal clients and customers continue to be served while a new international following is increasingly built up.




















































Italian manufacturing is globally known as a guarantee of premium quality,high specialization and  differentiation, elegance. Making unique and quality products,   able to earn the deepest trust of   our customers through their fine   craftsmanship, is more than a   goal we simply want to achieve;  it’s a promise we had to keep.
Despite the globetrotter DNA   that represents the core of the   international research behind   the conception of our collections,
Joshua Sanders chooses to be     Italian made in order to offer a   wide range of products that are head-to-toe expression  of excellence  in terms of design and fabrics.
Only selected factories (where   we are fully aware of the   production process and   materials used) are welcome   among JOSHUA*S
renowned production partners. Labor is 100% local; laboratories meet the strict hygiene and safety standards as well as materials and dyes which fall within the limits imposed by the strict European laws. Our goal is not to chase the cheapest, but to deliver excellence and uniqueness.