JOSHUA SANDERS – Cosmopolitan Sneaker Brand


The vision and project of Joshua Sanders are now embodied in the “HEART IN NYC, MADE IN ITALY” motto. A short sentence that clearly explains the avant-garde nature of this brand. Joshua Sanders shoes aim to be luxury and unique products; a perfect expression of the connection between the handcraft Italian art and an international research which beating heart is based and pulse in NYC.

 Heavily influenced by Basketball, Street Style, Pop Culture and Iconography, “JOSHUA*S” stands as a group of creative people collaborating as a one step-forward team. The uniqueness of the brand is represented by the innovative minds behind the scene.

A seeking inspirational and worldwide travel is the place where our collections are conceived. From the shining neon lights of Hong Kong to the pastel colors of the Art Deco buildings in Miami, each theme of our collections embodies different details made of metropolitan inspiration. Our shoes take you with us along our journey, in a never-ending mix made of personalities, fashion and culture. Find your own way, walk with us.

Welcome on board, enjoy your flight, next stop: JOSHUA*S.




The ascent of the label is due to Vittorio Cordella, 32, CEO and Creative Director of the brand, the mastermind behind JOSHUA*S cult sneakers success. Being part of innovative projects, have a prominent role in discovering upcoming trends and creating unique products that immediately gain relevant position as style statements, has always been part of Vittorio DNA.


Looking back to his past, to everything brought him to the nowdays success of the brand, there’s only one certain thing: Mr.Cordella still continues to build on its success, to launch avant-garde and really cool projects based on brand-new fresh intuitions.


His fashion journey started when he was a Uni; at that time he decided to open some boutiques in his hometown (owned for 10 years). In 2008 he founded its own company: The WHITE ROOM; a perfect landmark for young designers who wanted to propose their cutting-edge ideas. LaLaLove T-shirts (in collaboration with I-D magazine) and Giacomorelli are just a couple of names among the several brands that were launched thanks to Vittorio.


2011 was the real turning point. While he was in Paris for some new trends hunting, he conceived an innovative idea: a brand new shoes brand able to ensure a perfect blending between premium Italian craftsmanship and the NYC taste for fashion. After that everything came really easily and led to the choice of Joshua Sanders as emblem of that perfect mix. The idea of a Street Couture concept-brand was born: building up a team to design the collection was the first step that lead to its presentation in Sept. 2012. Joshua Sanders first collection was released and got immediately wide success; the innovative ideas proposed through their collection immediately drove the attention of the most important fashion buyers from all over the world. 


Thanks to Mr.Cordella’s vision, Joshua Sanders is currently affirming itself as one of the most exclusive brands. Collaborations with the most important luxury-stores and boutiques around the world, appearances and interviews on the most important worldwide fashion magazines, the uniqueness of each single capsule story included in JOSHUA*S collections are concrete results of Vittorio’s never-ending effort to build up the brand success. His creative direction represents the core of the identity of the brand. The guide-line regarding materials choices, researches of new source of inspiration, styling advices, embodies Vittorio’s personal taste mixed with an open-minded trendsetter vision.


What might we expect for the future? For sure Vittorio’s hard work, unstoppable energy, great passion and avant-garde ideas that will be the basis for the launch of new amazing projects aim to become next-generation trends and must-haves.